Guardian Home 

Being a guardian family for our Australian Labradoodles can be a great way to have a great quality dog for your pet without all of the expense.  

We are not a kennel and we want our dogs raised in a loving home where they are part of a family.  This is very important to us.  

Our Guardian Home Program will allow a pick of the litter puppy to be your family dog while we retain breeding rights for the dog.   The puppies will be whelped in our home and mom will stay with us until puppies are weaned.  We retire our dogs when the time is right...about 5 or 6 years of age and we will pay to have dog spayed or neutered. At that time Homestead Manor will transfer ownership to you.   Your pick of the litter Australian Labradoodle is your pet forever.  We at Homestead Manor  just retain breeding rights.  We may choose to have 3-4 litters depending on the needs of our breeding program at the time. 

Your Guardianship Responsibilities:

In exchange for receiving a puppy, I would like you to help in the following areas:

*Live within 60 miles of Crossville, TN.  
*Have a fenced yard (Exceptions may be made.  Dogs MUST be leashed when outdoors)
*Be available to bring your dog to me-often with very short notice-to our home in Crossville for breeding purposes. (If residing in Crossville this will be handled by us) 
*Be available to take  your dog to multiple vet appts. often with short notice for breeding purposes.
*Cover basic pet costs related to owning a dog including annual vaccines, deworm, fleas, grooming, training, boarding, etc. (Seresto Collar is the flea medication.  No internal flea medication is allowed).
*Cover costs related to purchasing pet supplies.
*Attend a puppy class for training purposes.  This is a MUST!
​*Cover pet costs related to emergency medical treatment or other unforseen issues while in your care. With the exception of anything related to the pregnancy.
*Keep dog at a healthy weight, eating a good and well balanced dog food.
*Ensure your dog is safely restrained at ALL times and NEVER allowed to roam freely.
*Be available to accommodate my schedule when I need to take the dog for breeding purposes or veterinary tests.
*Take your dog to groomer every 3 months and adhere to the proper grooming of an Australian Labradoodle.
*Notify me of FIRST day of each heat cycle so I can make arrangements for breeding.
*Understand the dog is property of HOMESTEAD MANOR Australian Labradoodles until spayed/neutered.
*Understand the value of your dog purchased as breeding stock is $12,500.00.
*If your circumstances should ever change and you are no longer able to keep the dog it MUST be returned to Homestead Manor.
*This DOG is an INSIDE ONLY pet!  At NO time should he/she be left outside unattended EVER even if your yard is fenced.  This is a MUST!!!! If you cannot adhere to this then our Guardian Program is not for you.  
*Agree to a home visit prior to approving you for our program.
*Monthly pictures during the first year so that we may see how he is growing and maturing.  Professional photo's will be taken during this time.  Puppy will need a full coat prior to photo's. I will need to be notified of his grooming appointments the first year.  

Thank you for your interest.  If our Guardian Program is for you and you would like to participate then your next step is to complete the Guardian Home APPLICATION.  Again, thank your for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you!

Guardian Home Application