About Us

 We are located on 14 acres in a historic community called the Cumberland Homesteads in Crossville, TN.  We live among beautiful scenic mountains and are perched 2,000 feet up on the Cumberland Plateau.  We have lots of room to raise our Australian Labradoodles!  Daily runs and basking in the afternoon sun on the back deck are a daily activity they enjoy!

After purchasing our Australian Labradoodle in 2015, we realized we would love to share this exceptional breed with others.  Truly the most amazing dog we have ever owned!  Athletic, loving, loyal, playful, intelligent and versatile.  The allergy friendly low to non-shedding coat make this dog ideal for allergy sufferers.  Their coats are amazingly soft and beautiful!

Our puppies are whelped and raised right in our home.  The socialization begins as soon as possible.  They are house dogs from day one!  They are loved and cared for approximately 9 weeks before they go on to live in their forever homes.  We are a busy home and they are exposed to all types of noises!  They will play outside, weather permitting, and get plenty of puppy time!  We also begin crate training. 

Each puppy is spayed/neutered before going home.